Interested in working with us?

Cool Comfortz Frozen Delights is a small start-up specializing in the manufacturing of artisanal gelato with flavours using only fruits and vegetables typically grown in the island of Barbados. All of our frozen desserts are dairy-free and vegan friendly. Our mission is to give you a true taste of the island. 

Please see below for any available vacancies.

1) Part-time Kitchen Assistant- See flyer below

2) Seasonal Fruit Processing Vacancy (Temporary, ongoing role)- Suitable for someone with a flexible schedule. Needed for when there is a larger intake of fruits and/or vegetables to be processed. Details to be added soon.

3) Gelato scooper (Part-time) – Ability to work weekends. To work at pop-ups and/or farmer’s markets/expos. Details to be added soon.

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