Welcome to Cool Comfortz Frozen Delights

Hey there! I’m Leandra; founder of Cool Comfortz Frozen Delights.

I originally started this business back in 2011 with my mum. I had just returned from the island of Martinique, where I had the most exquisite golden apple and soursop sorbet for the first time ever!

I thought to myself, “Why aren’t we utilizing our local fruits and vegetables in the same way?”

The idea was sparked and Cool Comfortz was born in October 2011.

After running the business for a year and half, we wanted to expand and get commercial machinery but the finances unfortunately were not there.

And so, Cool Comfortz went on pause… until the global pandemic! Due to lockdowns, I had some time off from my other business and started to think. I was able to put steps in place to get the business going again and was able to do a soft launch.

Now, 10 years later from its official start date, Cool Comfortz Frozen Delights is fully relaunched and ready to bring its tropical refreshing treats to the Barbadian public.

Our Story

A story 10 years in the making!

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Hours of hard work

What we can offer from our hearts

We take pride in creating our tropical, plant-based gelato from scratch. All of our products are:

  • Dairy-free
  • Vegan friendly
  • Local fruit and veggie flavours

We recommend our
delicious scoops

Love our refreshing treat but two scoops are never enough at our pop-ups? You can order our pint size in the flavours of your choice.  16 oz of yummy tropical goodness to enjoy at home.

Other products also to be added to our online shop. Stay tuned! 

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